‘Trigmatic’ To Change Name Very Soon!

TrigmaticGhanaian hip-hop rapper, Trigmatic, has hinted he would soon change his name to reflect a whole new phase of his career.

Christened Nana Yaw Oduro Agyei, Trigmatic revealed on ETV’s “The Late Night Celebrity Show” that changing his name would be part of a major rebranding and positive change he and his ‘Da Trig Entertainment’ will be going through soon.

One may wonder why the Trigmatic would even consider changing his name looking at how deep it has sink into the minds of people but the artiste believes it will be for the best.

An artiste changing his name is not new to many Ghanaianentertainment lovers. An unending of artistes who have changed their names includes Itz Tiffany (formerly Tiffany), Zeal of VIP (formerly Lazzy), YaaYaa (formerly Bertha) and Effya (formerly Jane). This goes on and one and it seem the changes are mostly for the same reason.

Though Trig was hesitant in saying what his ‘new name’ will be, our little investigations reveal he would be known as ‘ENWAI’ contrary to speculations he would go for ‘Nana Yaw’.

We await the official unveil of his new name which will be later so until then, he is still Trigmatic to the vast public.


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