My Boobs Are Big But Sexy – Popular Ghanaian Actress

tracey-boakyeSexy and beautiful Ghanaian actress Tracey Boakye whose breast has fallen under serious criticisms by Ghanaians after the release of her newly self-produced movie ‘Odo’ has revealed that her two seductive apples even though are big, they are sexy.

Many Ghanaians lambasted Tracey when her new movie “odo’ was released on the market for exposing her b00bs on the poster. The actress who says they are natural and proud of them in an interview with said ‘they are natural, sexy, unique and attractive and I’m proud of them because it speaks well of me. They are not artificial like others do’.

She further added that, they attract men and makes them keep running after her ‘It’s one of the major things that attracts men for them to keep disturbing me’.

Talking about the sales of her new movie ‘odo’, the actress cum movie producer said the movie has been appreciated by Ghanaians and the sales are going on well. She attributed this to the message the movie sends out to the public.

When asked if she has ever heard or seen ‘wanna be’ actors and actresses sleep with producers for movie roles, she said “I’ve heard of it before but I have never seen it and I don’t believe it when I hear because I don’t think movie producers will do that”.

Tracey Boakye has starred in over 20 movies which includes ‘Selina’, ‘Odo’, ‘Oh Vera’, Ama Saman’, ‘Ntafuo Wuo’ among others


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