“Stop Proliferation Of Negative Movies”

The Executive Director of Joepamas Films, a film production company in Ho, Nii Amartei Aryee, has expressed worry over the proliferation of negative movies in the country.
He cited armed robbery, prostitution and rape as examples of the manifestation of negative influence of movies, particularly foreign ones, on the Ghanaian society.
Nii Aryee said: “We, therefore, urgently need movies that reflect true African amity to counter the obscenity, violence and crime depicted in bundles of those foreign films which are pouring onto the continent.”
In his opinion, African films must reflect the culture of the people, their needs, anxieties and problems, and must have linkages with their past and not the “cacophonies” in foreign films.
Nii Aryee, who produces Ewe films, some of which are ‘Ametame’, ‘Agbedefu’ and ‘Nukunu’, said film directors must be wary of alien culture, which could negatively influence the values of the people.
He said: “There are a lot of themes we can explore to educate and entertain our people instead of going foreign with its consequences.”
Nii Aryee said everything about the African is a good story and appealed to film producers to tell those stories through their films.
The executive director said he was collaborating with other Ewe film producers to celebrate the first ever Ewe movie festival in Ho in March this year, to coincide with the tenth anniversary of Joepamas Films.
Nii Aryee said he would be an advocate of African culture through the production of movies in the local languages.
He said the company trains the youth in film acting, photography, editing and film directing.
Source: GNA


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