UMB Ghana Tertiary Awards 2017 Voting Process Revealed

Ghana Tertiary Awards 2017 Voting Process

The organizers of the Biggest Student Festival in Ghana, Youth Web Ghana last Friday officially outdoor the students who qualified for the 2017 Edition of the Universal Merchant Bank Ghana Tertiary Awards (The Fire Edition). In an interview with the CEO of Youth Web Group, Mr. Richmond Amofa Sarpong at the nominees’ announcement night at West Legon – Haatso Rabbit,Komla Dumor’s Avenue. He disclosed that over 53,975 students picked up this year’s nomination forms nationwide who wants to be part of the UMBGTA2017. The full list of qualified nominees of the UMB Ghana Tertiary Awards is on our website at
The UMB Ghana Tertiary Awards has a market jurisdiction of over 380,000 students, the Organizers decided to nominate 10 students per category but due to number of students per each category with their evidence, it was tough for the board this year. He continued that, for example, the Most Influential Student Entrepreneur category had over 9,000 Students who filed for that category, so not disfranchise any student who met the pass mark, the board decided to nominate more than 20 students in some limited categories.
He further explained the voting system, that every category has a code. So you have to type the Category Code (with space) then nominee’s name and text it to 1736 across all network. The name of the nominee can be either the first, last, full name, Stage or Popular Name known by people. He continued that if after voting and you don’t receive a feedback, it is due to the traffic jam on the server, he said it is a temporary problem and promised that the issue will be resolve in a short time.
Again, voting officially starts on the Friday night 15th September, after the release of nominees, Voting ends on the 24th of November, 2017 at 5pm. Which auditing of the votes takes an hour and the results are handed over to Youth Web Company Limited (organizers of the UMB Ghana Tertiary Award) at 7pm after it is being audited by the Voting Services Providers, voting will be done in two folds, they are; via SMS (Text), each SMS (Text) costs 30pesewas. 1736 is the Texting code on all networks. The Youth Web App (for voting, would be ready by the end of the month – September).
The App will be addressing the bulk voting issues, which has ranges of Votes to Amount to be paid and also He continued to explain that each category will be treated separately, which means in a case where by a nominee is nominated in many categories his or her account will be done separately. Thus, each category will be treated separately.
All qualified nominees’ artwork will be done for all nominees, but nominees must design their own artworks as they still wait for the official artwork from the organizers.
He continued to debunk remorse circulating around the Awards scheme, that awards are been sold to nominees which the CEO challenged those making the allegation to provide evidence to their allegation.
The Marketing Operations Officer, Kobyson Micky Bamfo added that all information’s concerning the Awards Scheme and the voting process would be put across all our social media platforms. This process helps institutions, students and the organizers to check the credibility of the awards scheme where for instant; when a student is having any difficulty in the voting system; our team quickly addressed the issue instantly making sure that, all nominees are to report any issue concerning the award scheme or the voting process to the organizers so we protects the credibility of the qualified nominees into the system.
Contributions, comments and feedback on the Award Scheme and the voting procedure would be put out in public on all media platforms. Call our customer care for any service you required to know about. The award scheme and the voting system are well organized to suit every student.
Our team would be glad to hear from everyone.
Contact: Youth Web Company Limited
Haatso Rabbit, Komla Dumor’s Avenue
Telephone: 0303977257
Email: /
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