VIRAL VIDEO! Akosua Sika being Assaulted by Sharon for Attempting to Snatch Boyfriend

FUNNY! Sharon Gives Akosua Sika “Dirty” Slaps

These lazy, young girls on social media keep dragging themselves through the mud everyday — among other reasons, some fight over guys for as little as one square meal for the day. It’s weird huh!? That’s the reality now.

While some women sit on social media [as if its the real world] to talk about women empowerment and all of its related causes, another video has gone viral — obviously, defining how ill-starred women continue to be in the society.

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There are two (2) viral videos on Facebook currently. In these videos, a girl popularly known as Akosua Sika is being assaulted by another girl; and the reason? lol

Akosua Sika is being giving “dirty” slaps, kicked, among other heinous acts by one Sharon, for allegedly attempting to grab hold of her boyfriend also known as Asaawa.

That’s how stupid, and so low some women have stooped. The current videos being shared on social media is no exception — this kind of act goes on in the society every now and then.

Just watch the viral videos, and share your thoughts in the comment box below:

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