Stephanie Benson shows up on ‘Duvet’ in Sexy Lingerie

It looked almost impossible for hosts Giovani Caleb and Ms Nancy, to control songstress, Stephenie Benson on the popular adult night show on Ghone TV.

‘Duvet‘, the new show which is adding so much to marriages and relationships, had the 51 year old feature to discuss the topic ‘sex and age’.
As usual, the mother of five, who is known for her frankness and naughtiness, did not disappoint, as she came in red lingerie setting the mood for the night.

Stephanie’s ‘odd’ appearance last Thursday, coupled with her precise and wild contribution on how to stay young at all times, brought so much to the show, which is catching the attention of many on Thursday nights.

The international singer, was on the show with three others but her decision to wear the sexy lingerie, added so much to it to the extent that, she succeeded in grabbing the attention of not only the men on the programme, but viewers with her almost perfect body even at her age.
It must be stated that, this is not the first time the singer has dressed in such a provocative manner.

Giving tips on how to stay young and also remain active as far as sex was concerned Stephanie said, often people admire her body but revealed, she did not just come by it.

According to her, she worked for it at early stages of her life. She advised viewers to have time for their bodies by exercising regularly, to maintain their shape and remain active.

“Talking about exercise, you should start from now, if you are a 29 year old or even from now. You have to be physically fit; you have to start early because as you get older, your knees hurt a little bit more.

I don’t have back ache, I used to have it but I worked out…I think people are having this problem because of lack of exercise …So you look at me and you think that….…It’s only because I have been working out for a long time”.
She continued “You don’t have to wait till you are 40 to do it; do it now. Go to the gym and exercise if you don’t have time, wake up half an hour earlier and do some stretches. Stretching for sex is the best thing, there’s nothing you can’t do”

Asked if there are times she didn’t feel for sex, Stephanie responded “Me? Never! I am always ready”. She also outlined what she does to always put her 57 year old husband in the mood.

It did not come as a surprise when Giovani jokingly said “Stephanie, officially you are banned from this show” when he was signing off. Others on the show were Dr Dennis Bortey, a biochemical engineer Cyril Nene and Vera Owuradu.


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