REVEALED! Lee Jong Suk dating former Hello Venus member Nara

Lee Jong Suk and former Hello Venus member Nara are dating.

According to an exclusive report by NewsIs, the two met while Nara was still a Hello Venus member, and Lee Jong Suk apparently directly contacted her and helped her sign to his own label, A Man Project.

An insider relayed that “The head of A Man Project is Lee Jong Suk. He takes care of all of Kwon Nara‘s schedules. After her contract with Fantagio ended, he spent a lot of time on her career.”

The two apparently were seen on dates, and Nara was often seen at Lee Jong Suk‘s cafe 89 Mansion. Nara is apparently Lee Jong Suk‘s type, with her tall height and good looks that led her to be called a ‘Bundang’s Lee Na Young.”

Lee Jong Suk is known to be a huge fan of Lee Na Young, who he worked together with in the past. Although he has been serving in the military since this past March, the two have been meeting frequently as Nara goes to visit him.

Another insider stated that Lee Jong Suk was the one to become interested in Nara first and that she became known as “Lee Jong Suk’s girl” and often received presents from him.