INTERESTING! Tracy Sarkcess details How She met Sarkodie

The wife of Ghana’s favorite rapper Sarkodie is here with some never before shared stories on how she met his husband, and Twitter users can’t stop worrying her to continue. #SrAskTracySarkCess

Tracy asked her Twitter followers to ask her questions with the hashtag, #SrAskTracySarkCess, …and as if they had been waiting for this for years, they kept it flowing like water.

Let’s begin #SrAskTracySarkCess

Tracy tweeted.

As if it was planned most of the questions directed at Tracy though were mostly relating to her relationship with Sarkodie.

See some of the questions Tracy got to answer below, and share your own thoughts with us in the comments section.

What made you fall in love with Sark in the beginning.???

He was guy guy and seemed genuine. And I knew he liked me from afar cos he used to worry my cousin Ama about me.

How did you meet @sarkodie

We met at Comm.9 Tema. We grew up in the same neighbourhood. He was an area boy

So why were you still with @sarkodie when he was broke or you saw the future in him ?

We were both broke and very young and I think in our era relationships weren’t so much about money.

What did u see in @sarkodie and stuck to him even when he was broke?

We were both broke and I liked him a lot.

How does it feel being the wife of the best rapper in Africa?

Proud but sometimes scary too, cos you literally become a target for ppl everyday if they want to get at him.

have you been harrassed by any male musician since u started dating ur husband?#SrAskTracySarkCess

what a question. I think some men will harass you without even knowing they’re harassing you. But I don’t communicate privately with industry ppl. Only when they come to visit us at home and hubby is around. Learnt my lesson a long time ago… cos ppl can get things twisted

What do u like most about your husband?

Everything… Black heart not saying he’s perfect though Winking face

What do you really dislike about your husband

I can’t share that publicly… loyalty 🤞🏾

Source: Kojo Amakye | TheDistin.com




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