Bullet and Wendy Shay live in the Same House – Ray James on Dating Rumors

Bullet and Wendy Shay Dating Rumors

For over two years there have always been rumors that the CEO of Rufftown Records, Bullet has been sleeping with his artist, Wendy Shay.

And for two years, Bullet and Wendy have been denying the rumors as if it’s a crime to date a woman you manage.

Many people have claimed they have evidence to prove Bullet and Wendy Shay are in a serious relationship but none has been bold enough to bring it out until now.

Ray James is a former artist with Rufftown Records. He was featured in Wendy Shay’s hit banger “Masakra”.

Months after Ray James was kicked out of Rufftwn Records on alleged contractual breaches, the artist has made a bombshell slip from his mouth in an interview.

According to Ray James, Bullet and Wendy Shay live in the same house as a husband and wife. He (Ray James) was accepted to live in the house with them when he was signed unto the label.

Now, he is no more living with them. It’s left with Wendy Shay and Bullet again in the house after he left.

Now, the question on everyone’s lip is why the two are living together when they can clearly afford to rent a place of their own.

Well, watch the video below and draw your conclusions below

By the way, it’s not a crime if they are dating so why do they keep denying it as if it is? Question for the gods!!



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