Jessi’s Plastic Surgery: Netizens React

Recently, singer Jessi’s photos before her plastic surgery have gained the attention of netizens.

Previously, Jessi had stated on a TV show that she had gotten plastic surgery on her eyes and nose but she regrets it. Jessi stated, “I did my eyes and my nose but I honestly regret it.”

She stated, “My agency suggested that I get plastic surgery. I wasn’t too photogenic so the agency said I would look less fierce if I got my eyes done but actually I looked more fierce after the double eyelid surgery. So no one approaches me,” making everyone laugh.

After this remark, netizens have taken an interest in Jessi’s photos before her plastic surgery. There have been various photos from her promotion as Jessica H.O. on online communities that many netizens have been shocked at.

Many netizens are amazed and shocked at her beauty even before her plastic surgery. Netizens have commented, “She’s actually prettier back then.”

Previously, Jessi has gained popularity as she made her debut under the name Jessica H.O. She was known as ‘BoA number 2’ as she debuted as a solo female artist after two years as a trainee.

She was not able to gain much popularity as a solo artist and she made her name known again when she was recruited by the hip-hop group Uptown.

Since then, she gained popularity as she made her appearance on Mnet’s ‘Unpretty Rapstar’ in 2015. Now, she continues in her success as she recently released track “NUNU NANA” from her recent mini-album ‘NUNA’.

Now many netizens are excited as Jessi joins the project girl group formed by the show ‘Hang Out with Yoo’.

Source: allkpop.com




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