Frank K. Harrison slams the African Perception About Social Media

Ghanaian digital solution idol and CEO of Sap Media Frank K. Harrison, has said that Africa way of thinking about social media is different from the those in the Western world.

He made this bold statement in an exclusive interview with Yaga Russia Talk Show host Masillion Mutumba during an Instagram live session.

According to Harrison, the Africans perception about the internet is very bad, for thinking that social media is for evil. So as a Christian you don’t need to indulge in social media or the internet.

He however states that the internet is to make life better, but not evil. He also said that those who said that social media is evil are not begging to get more followers to promote their brand. We use social media for good purposes.

He adds that Africans should use more of the internet to promote their brands and stop the traditional way especially digital stores for musicians, the only way for exposure.

“Use the internet wisely,” he said.

Frank K Harrison


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