Lack of Practical Lessons is a Major Cause of Unemployment in Africa – Frank K. Harrison

Digital Solution Architect and CEO of Sap Media Frank K. Harrison has revealed that the Africa unemployment rate in universities is caused by a lack of practicals.

According to him, Africans are too bookish in terms of learning in school due to the lack of practical pieces of equipment in our universities.

With respect to this situation, he projects the percentage of lessons as 75% (theory), and 25% (practicals).

Frank K. Harrison made this revelation in an exclusive interview with Masiliso Mutumba, the host of ‘Yoga Russia’ on Instagram.

He stated that Africans focus too much on the theory aspect in learning; the major cause of the increased employment in our system.

He also added that teaching theory without pragmatic approach in the African schools is lacking time and energy.

He urged that all efforts must be put in place to ensure that unemployment in Africa is curbed.

Frank K Harrison

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