Cosmic Girls’ Luda finally Clarifies 5-Year Old Dating Rumors

Cosmic Girls’ Luda has finally shed light on the dating rumors that have hanged around her for a couple of years now.

Luda made this known during a live broadcast session with her fans on V Live on Wednesday, August 18, 2021 as she enjoyed a meal.

It all started when a fan’s question about showing them how to use chopsticks got her replying “I’m now in my 6th year, so I feel like I should say what I have to say.” Luda was making reference to an incident that occurred five years ago, where she had replied, “Left-handed, chopsticks user” to a question asking about her ideal type.

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Moments after netizens heard her reply, they started spreading the dating rumors again, claiming that she had been referring to a specific left-handed person who is good at using chopsticks.

Luda however, explained that “I used to be bad at using chopsticks, but I improved after putting in effort. After saying my ideal type is a person good at using chopsticks, this caused a great misunderstanding. I am saying this because I am in my 6th [career] year. I just said ‘a person good at using chopsticks’. People are [claiming that I said] ‘left-handed chopsticks user’, but I have never said anything like that. I just said I like people who use chopsticks well. Please don’t misunderstand.”

She also clarified that when talking about her ideal type in the past, she did not mean any specific person.

Finally clarifying the rumors 5 years later, Luda commented, “It feels like an old congestion went straight down. I really wanted to talk about this.”

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She also expatiated on why the idea of ‘left-handed’ had come up — stating that “I said I liked left-handed people because it’s unique. When I was young, I heard that left-handed people are smart and succeed. Also, when [the fan] asked ‘what’s your ideal type?’ I first answered ‘a person who is polite’. Then they asked me if there was anything more unique, and I squeezed out that answer.”

She added that “while trying to tell my fans something special, a great misunderstanding happened. All sorts of things seem to happen as I live my life. How did I endure for 6 years [without saying anything]? Well, a person can’t always live while saying everything that they want to say. With that mindset, I had hoped that my fans would understand me.”

Luda Cosmic Girl dating rumors
Cosmic Girl’s Luda reacting to dating rumors on Vlive

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