GMB 2021: Sarfoa wins ‘Most Eloquent’ on Storytelling Night

Ashanti Region’s Sarfoa emerges as ‘Most Eloquent’ contestant during the night of storytelling at the Ghana’s Most Beautiful (GMB) 2021.

Sarfoa continues to affirm that she has command over her communication skills following a superb performance on Sunday night at GMB 2021.

On the night, she did a presentation on the story behind the coming into existence of the Ashanti Kingdom.

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She told the story with a great point of view, content, purpose, passion, and engagement with the audience.

According to Sarfoa, before the coming into force of the Kingdom, the was the need for small groups to come together to fight against opressors.

“So for the purpose of the creation of that group, they named it Asa-nti. Asa, which is the plural form of 3sa which means war in our local dialect. And Nti which because of. These two words coming together makes it because of wars.”

Sarfoa earned praise of judges and audience of the beauty pageant.

Judge of the show Dzigbordi Kwaku stated “wow! Spectacular performance! You used all the key elements that make up good story telling. You were engaging, had passion, used drama, flow and more. Tonight you were spot on..Well done.”

She faced stiff competition from thirteen (13) other beautiful, bold and intelligent ladies.

At the end of the competition, Western region’s Manu also won the ‘Star Performer of the Night’ award for her presentation of a tale on the reason why dogs have black lips and brown skin — the story about the people of Asankabreman.

‘Best Costume’ also went to Akosua who represents the Oti region at the GMB 2021, for her war-themed costume.

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