Pres. Ashraf Ghani leaves Afghanistan as the Taliban Move Further into Kabul

President Ashraf Ghani has left Afghanistan for Tajikistan as the Taliban say they will move further into Kabul, officials have informed Reuters and AP.

According to Al Arabiya, Kabul will be handed over to the Taliban and an interim government led by the group will be formed.

The US Embassy in Kabul has suspended all operations and told Americans to shelter in place, saying it has received reports of gunfire at the international airport.

Three (3) Afghan officials had confirmed on Sunday to the AP that the Taliban have started entering the capital of Kabul from all sides.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called on the Taliban to immediately halt their offensive. On Saturday, during a televised address, Ghani said “remobilizing the Afghan security and defense forces is our top priority.”

All commercial flights out of Kabul’s International Airport have been suspended, according to a Nato official.

President Biden has approved the deployment of an additional 1,000 troops to ensure “an orderly and safe drawdown of US personnel and other allied personnel” ahead of the scheduled withdrawal of the US and NATO from Afghanistan by August 31.

In a related development, Britain says Taliban should not be recognised as Afghan government.

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