Seungri Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison for Mediating Prostitution

Seungri has been sentenced to three (3) years in prison on charges of mediating prostitution, illegal gambling, among others.

The General Military Court is now taken into custody and is also ordered to pay 1.5 billion Won ($988,000) in fines, SBS News reports.

Seungri is found guilty of all the nine (9) charges leveled against him.

The Court rules that the former member of YG Entertainment‘s South Korean boy band Big Bang arranged prostitutions for foreign investors and benefited from it.

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“He [Seungri] repeatedly arranged prostitution for foreign investors and benefited from it. The crimes committed by the accused, who commercialized sex and violated customs, are not small in social harm,” the Court reveals in judgment.

Seungri resigned from all activities with YG Entertainment and Big Bang in 2019 when the ‘Burning Sun’ scandal started.

He has since been undergoing investigation and trial for procurement and mediation of prostitution, embezzlement of business funds, distribution of illegally filmed footage, illegally filming women, illegal gambling, and violating food sanitation laws.

Seungri sentence guilty


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