I Fear for My Future – Kumi Guitar

Ghanaian Highlife musician, Kumi Guitar, says he is uncertain about what the future holds for him when it comes to his music career.

He posits that systems to ensure musicians benefit from their craft are not working, and fears he might suffer financial hardships in his old age if he keeps his faith in music.

“I fear for myself when I see the lives and living conditions of our old musicians. Some people say they didn’t live good and meaningful lives or refused to invest their monies but that is not right. If the systems are working, they can’t fall so low and be broke in their old age.”

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According to him, the late Nana Ampadu would not have suffered such a painful ending if the systems worked.

“Nana Ampadu was still working but let’s look at how things were for him. This makes me fear for myself.”

The musician who has contemplated on stopping music said, sometimes it gets hard and I ask myself if I should stop music or not. It gets hard sometimes. We have families and children we need to take care of.”

Per his calculation, over 98 percent of musicians are depressed and although “we are smiling, we are dying on the inside. We are not making it through music and the few you think are, are not making their money through music. People in the music industry are suffering, both producers and musicians alike.”

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In an interview with Happy 98.9 FM’s Doctor Cann on the Showbiz Xtra show, he indicated, “our legends are not being rewarded for their work done.”

He bemoaned the poor living conditions of most of Ghana’s celebrated entertainment industry players and charged the government and music bodies to put structures in place to reward industry veterans.

Kumi Guitar

Source: etvghana.com

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