Kaninja can Divorce Me if he Wishes – Xandy Kamel says as Marriage takes a Nosedive

Across the various divide, marriage has its ups and downs and has been identified by many that it has no formula.

Sometimes divorce sets in when the darkness in the middle of the tunnel becomes thicker as each day passes by.

For people who are popular, it becomes a matter of discussion in the media and one of Ghana’s latest popular couple find themselves in this web.

Xandy Kamel and Kaninja marriage is hitting the rocks as the former says the sports presenter can serve her divorce papers if he wishes to do so.

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It comes after issues of alleged infidelity from the side of Kaninja with his ex identified as Anabel Boateng, who was also Xandy‘s friend prior to their wedding.

In a video sighted by PlugTimes, the Ghanaian actress admits that she is going through a lot at this point in her life.

Xandy Kamel who is legally married to Kaninja says “until the man [her husband] and his lawyers bring the divorce document to me, they can’t marry you and he can’t even make you happy.”

According to her, Anabel‘s attitude towards her changed after she told her she is going to tie the knot with Kaninja, so she decided to move away from her.

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She however adds that she should stop going around telling people that she snatched her guy from her.

She has also taken to social media to share her feelings at the moment and it reads:

“At this point
I don’t just feel less of myself
I also feel am not even a human being
I feel depressed
I feel all is lost 😞
I feel I have no one except my sisters and mother
Am confused 😐
Am lost
Am finished
I want to survive this
But no hope of surviving
I want to live for my little king 👑
I want to live for my mum
I want to live for my sisters
I want to live to be loved 🥰 but how
Oh God be my strength
Daddy my hero 🦸‍♀️ if only you were to be alive aaah hmm death has really felt with me but in all I still believe there is God
And I know my dad’s friends and loved ones will not let any harm come to me”

Kaninja and Xandy Kamel married on Thursday, May 14, 2021.

On Friday, May 14, 2021, they renewed their marriage vows to mark their one (1) year anniversary.

Xandy kamel Kaninja divorce marriage

Source: Yaw Plug | PlugTimes.com

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