Narhkie: 7 Photos of the Ghanaian Model Turning Heads on Social Media

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There are a couple of Ghanaian models and social media influencers who are breathing life into brands, products, and services.

For many young women in the influencer space, it is more or less an insurance acting as one of the backbone of the business and its marketing campaigns.

Narhkie is a Ghanaian female model and influencer who continues to carve a niche for herself in the relatively young industry.

She always beams with quite an infectious smile in her photo catalogue and it is one her marks.

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Narhkie‘s heavy duty bortos, ceaselessly, is arguably pivotal in her brand and as a result, she is loved by many.

On Instagram, she feeds her over 125k followers (as at Dec. 10, 2021) with some of the best moments she lives.

Today, PlugTimes shares with you some photos of the Ghanaian brand influencer and commercial model.

Narhkie ghana model

Narhkie ghana model

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