“Antichrists on VGMA Board” Nicholas O. Acheampong

Nicholas Omane Acheampong“If they are not comfortable with gospel music, they should tell us instead of ridiculing us.” This is what gospel musician Nicholas Omane Acheampong is telling the Board of Ghana Music Awards.

He spoke to your most informative Flex newspaper on phone last weekend and registered his displeasure at the categorizations in the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards. According to Nicholas Omane Acheampong, it is high time Charterhouse checked the board and made sure they did the right things because he believes there are some anti-Christs on the board who always fight against gospel music in Ghana.

The Zaphanath Panea singer claims he deserves more nominations than he was given. “I don’t know why I will not be nominated in the artiste of the year category. I have performed on almost every big platform that even most secular musicians did not get the chance. Can you imagine this? My album which has sold more than 70,000 copies was not nominated in the album of the year category. Meanwhile, some musicians who don’t even have albums in the market were nominated in the album of year category. Listen to the lyrics of the song “Zaphanat Panea” and the level of creativity in it.

A song that is loved by the aged, old, the youth and children as well could not be nominated in the Best Songwriter category, but to my dismay, it was rather nominated in the Producer of year category, for what? This is ridiculous” Nicholas Omane Acheampong lamented.   

He believed that Charterhouse as a company knew absolutely nothing about the bias of the board so they should do their own investigations to take off all the antichrists so that they do not soil the hard earned reputation Charterhouse has built for itself.


By: Stephen K. Nakujah


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