Ghanaian Pidgin Wikimedians Community Launched in Accra

The Ghanaian Pidgin Wikimedians Community has been inaugurated at its first hybrid event (in-person and online) in Accra, Ghana over the weekend.

This forms part of the moves by the open knowledge network to formalize the popular second language which continues to grow among Ghanaians.

Co-founded by Maxwell Beganim, Faisal Ali and Stephen Dakyi, the community aims at contributing to content in the Ghanaian Pidgin language on the popular online encyclopedia Wikipedia and its sister projects.

Speaking with Maxwell Beganim at the just-ended held at the Accra Digital Centre, he emphasised the need to build, preserve, and develop Ghanaian Pidgin, while acknowledging how well the Nigerian Pidgin is doing.

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“We invited people both new as well as experienced participants who are showing interest to help translate. It is a community that we want to build, preserve and develop the Ghanaian Pidgin and document it for posterity,” he said.

He added that “the Ghanaian Pidgin Community is currently in the Wikimedia Incubator so we need to get more people to contribute and get more quality articles there, populate it so we can move it to the main space.”

There were resource persons including Amir Aharoni, Fui-Can Tamakloe, Sadik Shahadu, Michael Sarfo, and Sara Petti who carried out various presentation on community-related topics.

Get interactive with the Ghanaian Pidgin Wikimedians Community on Twitter: @GhPidginWiki


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