Art Industry to Receive Boost With International Exhibition

Ghana artThe art industry in Ghana is set to receive a major boost with an internationally recognized exhibition dubbed The Kaleidescope, Leeni Ojaniemi has said.

The exhibition will bring together both the old and contemporary art works in the country on one platform to showcase the showpieces of art works done by Ghanaian artist in obscure corners – works which had not received the attention, recognition and praise they rightly deserve.

Managing Director of Ghana Contemporary, the organisers, Leeni Ojaniemi said the purpose of the Kaleidescope is to expose the artists and their works to Ghanaians as well as to international art collectors.

Ms Ojaniemi believes this will not only empower the artists economically and encourage them to produce more, but also show to the world the great artistry of Ghanaian artists.

Source: Kojo Smith

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