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Shatta WaleHaving followed Bandana’s utterances and actions after the Ghana Music Awards, I am inclined to believe that the young musician needs to be examined to make sure he is mentally sane so that if there is any medical help to be given him, it is promptly administered.

In fact, I am one of the numerous people who reviled his act last two weeks after the music awards ceremony and rained invective on him but I have realized the insults won’t help him. I just didn’t understand why a sound human being would make such a flabby argument and go about making unnecessary noise.

It didn’t make sense, and it still doesn’t make sense that Bandana would fume over the fact that a song that was an instant hit and made a lot of impact in the year under review, ‘Toffe Pon Tongue’ by Dancehall Diva Kaaki was adjudged the Reggae/Dancehall Song of the Year at the expense of his ‘Shatta City’ which until the awards ceremony was not known by a lot of people.

I wonder why anyone in his rightful thinking sense, would use a supposed poll bandying around somewhere to crown himself king over others. With that poll he was adducing as proof to back his claim, even if it was what KPMG had collated for Charterhouse, it still could not have made him win that award because to win any public category in the VGMA, apart from the Vodafone Song of the Year which is 100% public voting, the others have just 40% public votes weighting, 30% for the Academy and another 30% for the Board.

Over the weekend, I heard his manager Rudebwouy Sterling aka Logic make illogical arguments on radio stations with his artiste and that was when it really dawned on me that the young musician is doomed to have been surrounded by people who are even more ‘mentally disabled’ than he is.

I was flummoxed when his ill-logic manager, Logic said Bandana who won about 43% ahead of the others in the supposed poll couldn’t have been failed by the Board and the Academy. In the first place, the entire public vote is just 40% so why use a figure more than 40% for your calculation? And who told him he couldn’t have been failed by the academy and board? Who said even if that poll was what was used, Kaaki wouldn’t have had very high marks from the academy and board? It takes a sound person to do a meaningful analysis on this issue.

So what did Kaaki do to him that he decided to insult her and her private part? Any sane person wouldn’t insult a woman this way. You claim you didn’t even need that award, so why were you so peeved that you go about spewing garbage like this?

And instead of apologizing to Kaaki and all parties involved, he and his Logic-reasoning manager said they owed only their fans an apology but not Kaaki and Chaterhouse. You insult an innocent woman this way and you have no manners to apologize? Who told him it is a crime for someone to write your lyrics for you. After all, the song in contention was ‘Reggae Dancehall’ song not Songwriter of the Year so he was wrong to have said they gave the award to someone who could not write her own songs.

I had thought that considering how fast his ‘Dancehall King’ song is growing he would render an unqualified apology to Kaaki and Charterhouse so as to turn this negative hype into a positive one to promote his new songs, but he won’t just do that due to my objective for writing this piece.

Seriously, I will suggest that some elders in his family or maybe some respectable industry people counsel him on how to respond to issues that come up about him as far as his music career is concerned.

I also suggest that he be sent to a mental hospital for check up. We shouldn’t wait till the expected happens before we act. Going to the mental hospital doesn’t necessarily mean you are mad. At least, every human being has a certain percentage of ‘insanity’ but it is when it gets higher than normal that it raises alarm.

I don’t know if Bandana does ‘Chris-Browning’. In other words, I don’t know if he smokes weed but if he does, then that could also be a factor to his rowdy nature. We need to grow our music industry such that we wouldn’t have a lot of miscreants in it. We don’t need any Bonti Killer in Ghana. Who knows, tomorrow Bandana might hit or harm someone when he goes angry.

I personally like Bandana for his talent and banging songs but I am afraid his attitude and that of his manager wouldn’t take him far in his career, if he wants to go far.

The thrust of my message is that the family of Bandana should take him to hospital to check his ‘sanity’ or ‘insanity’ level for an informed decision to be taken, as to how to help him act as a mentally-sound person. He is a big talent, let’s help him!

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