BBA Update: A love sacrifice!

Hakeem (BBA The Chase)Sometimes it helps to wear your heart on your sleeve. Hakeem has been sulking since Sunday because he misses his lady love, Cleo whom he left in the Ruby House.

Hakeem was whisked out of the Ruby House on Friday evening after Feza thought it was time for him to venture into the Diamond House. What Feza didn’t know was that she had just broken a budding affair.

Hakeem tried playing along but it was during his Monday Diary session that he opened up to Big Brother about how much he missed the Zambian lass. “Please give me a chance to talk to her Big Brother, even if for one minute,” he pleaded. This is not a one-sided kind of love, Cleo also confided in Biggie and a few other Housemates about how she missed her Zimbabwean heart throb.

With so much pressure from the two lovers longing to be reunited, the Housemates decided to rally behind them during their Crush Wall sessions. Both Houses made a decision to try and play cupid and reunited the lovebirds. The brief of The Crush Wall was for each Housemate to choose two crushes from the other House and whoever got the most votes would be treated to quality time with a mate of their choice.

A majority of the Rubies went for Hakeem while the Diamonds voted for Cleo. There’s no prize for guessing that the sweethearts voted for each other on both occasions. We’ve seen some Housemates lose the plot of the game while chasing after love.

Of course this is The Chase so maybe Hakeem and Cleo can be pardoned. However, they shouldn’t forget that there’s still a whooping USD 300 000 at stake. Others that have been blinded by love are Koketso and LK4 whose rollercoaster relationship had divided the Ruby House and they found themselves up for Eviction.

Perhaps the most solid relationship thus far is of Betty and Bolt who act like they own the Diamond House. It doesn’t help that Betty is this week’s Head of House. Well, Bolt is already enjoying the perks of having a lover in the House as she didn’t hesitate to save her beau from possible Eviction and put up Feza in his stead.

Meanwhile, the noble gesture displayed by the Housemates towards Cleo and Hakeem is remarkable but it’s imperative for them to keep their eyes on the real prize – USD 300 000. Was this a smart or stupid move?

LK4, Feza, Dillish, Hakeem and Koketso are up for possible Eviction this week. Clickhere to vote to keep your favourite Housemate in the game.

By: Lindiwe Nkonyane

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