Boob Boosting Machine Trialled Live on This Morning

Breast Boosting MachineVIEWERS of This Morning were greeted with an uplifting sight earlier today – as a woman trialled a new boob boosting machine live on air.

Hosts Phillip Schofield and Ruth Langford were seen crowding round as a woman called Nicole modelled the new ‘Wonderlift’ gadget.

The breast enhancer machine is supposed to help lift and firm using a three-step process of vibration, massage and vacuum suction.

It’s non-surgical, non-invasive and claims to produce results that last for up to two years.

Beauty expert Stephen Handisides was on standby to give his verdict.

He said: “It’s a good treatment. After the first one people should see some type of results.

“You’d need to follow up with two to three treatments within the first week and two or three treatments after that.”

A beautician explained the plastic contraption — that looks like a large breast pump — uses a mixture of micro current and low light therapy.

To maximise results a course of twelve treatments is recommended, followed by a maintenance program of six treatments over the course of 6-12 months.

Nicole revealed “It’s quite comfortable. It just feels like suction really. It doesn’t hurt or anything.

When asked why she wanted the treatment she said: “I’ve been for consultations about surgery but I’m just a bit conscious about going under the knife.”

The clip formed part of This Morning’s Cosmetic Clinic, offering advice for viewers considering cosmetic procedures in the wake of the PIP breast implant scandal.

Another woman tried out a sheep placenta facial to test the anti-ageing benefits.

And later on in the health-focussed show, comedian Richard Blackwood was given a live rectal exam to show how easy it is for men to get a prostate cancer check-up.

Source: the Sun

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