D Black Warns Mensa of FOKN Bois To Stay Off Him

DBlackWhat seemed to be a normal twitter joke has taken a different twist as head of BlackAvenue Music, Desmond Blackmore otherwise known as D Black will not take any other word from half of Fokn Bois musical group Mensa.

For sometime now, any follower of the musicians on social networking site Twitter will realise Mensa and Wanlov have openly expressed their opinion about the “Vera” hitmaker.

The outspoken artist Mensa has in times past appreciated the business aspects of DBlack and likened him to American business mogul P. Diddy who would make more money from his business empire than music and has therefore suggested the boss of BlackAvenue Music (B.A.M), D Black stays off making music but rather make money out ofthe business ideas he has with music.

Taking to Twitter on Saturday June 1 2013, D Black asked Mensa to concentrate on his career and stay off his case.

Alhaji Kiti ‏@DBLACKGH 

Champion rapper @mensamusic, u grow pass me almost 10 years o, dw3m wo ho wai. Ur almost 40

Replying the tweet, Mensa said,

M3NSA ‏@mensamusic 

Hahha!!! ths B yr comeback? Deft!

In his usual sarcastic way, Mensa asked D Black not to shy him on twitter and promised not to get on his case again.

@DBLACKGH chale I promise! I stop! Forgive me I no go do again. Oh make u no shy me for twitter top eh? I know sey I chop 40

This was then followed by a tweet from D Black saying;

@mensamusic like ur career, sia! Used to look up 2 u. Lost all respect 4 u.

After this insult, Mensa who realised D Black was bored at his attitude promised to stay off and work on pioneering great music for the African continent.

@DBLACKGH oh! D black is inzorting me… Ah well. Let me go back topioneering great music for my continent. Something u know nothing about.

Mensa is a producer, musician and a pioneer of the popular music genre hiplife which has given most Ghanaian artists.

Source: nydjlive

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