Eazzy Admits BBA Was An Absolute Hell

EazzyOne of Ghana’s former representatives at the 2012 Big Brother Africa reality show, Eazzy, has described the experience as ‘absolute hell’, although she entered the contest with her celebrity boyfriend, Keitta, kid brother of hiplife grand papa, Reggie Rockstone.

“I can say I benefited from the experience, but my stay in the house was absolute hell. I probably rushed into the decision to take part. I had very little time to decide on going or not. I had left my record label at the time, and the main reason for that was I wanted to go international with my music. So the BBA platform came at the right time. It was all about putting my brand out there. I did not like the experience though”, was what Eazzy told TV personality, Eddy Blay when he asked her about her experience in the contest.

Eazzy, a sensational musician with a thriving career, further described her stay in the completion as “stressing and frustrating” and said “it was nothing like my everyday life of working and having to do stuff to develop my brand. All we did was sleep all the time. It was not what I imagined it would be at all. But I went into the show for the African recognition, and God being good, that recognition did happen. Channel O, and MTV Base are giving a lot of airplay to my videos also because of my stint on BBA.”

When asked if the contest would have been less stressful for her had she gone in without her boyfriend, this was how Eazzy responded: “It’s hard to tell, because as an individual, I still struggled in there. I was there as Eazzy the celebrity, as Mildred the Housemate, and as one half of a couple too. So I was dealing with all kinds of issues in there. I couldn’t have any real conversation with the other Housemates, because we didn’t really have much in common. Many girls were teaming up against me because they wanted my man. It was all very frustrating. It probably would have been the same if I went in alone, though. I’m a very bubbly person that likes to do things, and not sit around all day doing nothing. That house is just not a place for Eazzy.”

She told Eddy Blay some rather interesting story about her High School days and how she got into mainstream music: “At Mfantsiman Secondary School, I used to get punished a lot by my seniors. But then they realized I was talented. I used to dress up like Ja Rule, with a fake beard, mustache, and track suit. I was seriously ‘swagging’ on my Hip Hop. I actually pulled it off, and now the seniors, and my mates realized I could rap. Needless to say, the seniors stopped punishing me. I started taking my talent seriously, and performed more often. The next thing I knew I was being voted Entertainment Prefect. I would be in the classroom during prep time, writing lyrics and music. After secondary school, I felt like doing it professionally, but my parents were against it. They insisted I finish tertiary education first. So I did, and when it was over I hooked up with my former record label, “Lynx Entertainment”, and we started releasing my music. The rest is history, as they say.”

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