Editorial: A Rethink – The Prophecy Issue

Duncan Williams and Mensah OtabilOur motherland has in recent times seen an upsurge in all manner of religious leaders especially in the Christendom with all manner of prophecies and predictions concerning the future of this country.  Whereas some have come from men of God who hitherto their claims were not known, others have come from very popular men of God such as Archbishop Nicolas Duncan- Williams.

The latest is from our very own Dr. Mensah Otabil. Whether the claims of these pastors are true or not, they have not been spared by both the media and the public in terms of criticism.

Notwithstanding  the various criticism and verbal abuse that some of these pastors have had to suffer because of their prophecies and predictions, some of these prophecies and predictions have come to pass hence the need to look at this issue of prophecies and predictions again and from a different perspective.

Sometime in 2011/2012, a leader of one of the Muslim sects predicted that Ghana was going to witness series of vehicular accidents and disasters in the coming and subsequent years and suggested that certain items be provided to perform some sacrifices aimed at averting this situation. In the Christendom, one man of God, Rev Isaac Owusu Bempah has been very outspoken with his prophecies and predictions. He has been one man of God giving a lot of prophecies and predictions in recent times.  Among the popular prophecies he has given so far are; the death of Prof. J. E. A Mills and former Vice President, Alhaji Aliu Mahama and a Plane crash in Ghana which he prophesized in December 31, 2011. He has also prophesized about fire outbreaks in Ghana which we are witnessing at the moment.

Whether or not these prophecies and occurrences are connected or not, some people claimed to have foreseen them and had provided a way out. Looking back, the question I keep asking myself is, what would it have cost us if we had heeded to the necessary solutions put forward by these people to avert the prophecies? What it would have cost us to do what we were told or experimented with their solution and whether the situation would have been averted.

The General overseer of I.C.G.C, Dr. Mensah Otabil is reported to have predicted doom for the country in the coming months…  I listened to the audio and felt that some journalists are really blowing the issue out of proportion.  Assuming he predicted outrightly that Ghana would be doomed in the coming months that would have been a different case all together, but did he not add that whatever he feels could be averted if ‘Christians take charge of the situation’?  Instead of the heavy criticism and verbal abuse being heaped on his head why don’t all and sundry launch into a prayer for mother Ghana as he suggested.  After all, what would it cost us to pray or is it that we prefer to wait for such things to happen only for us to speak the fools’ language ‘Had I known’.

We have seen and are seeing the manifestations of some of these prophecies and predictions here and that’s why we do what we are told to do to avert some of these situations. It is interesting how people easily accept personal prophecies and predictions concerning their lives and are ready to do whatever it takes to make it come to pass or avert it but have difficulty accepting it when it concerns the nation. Aristotle said that, ‘if you believe there is God and in the end there is no God, you have nothing to lose but if you don’t believe there is God and in the end there is God, you have everything to lose.’.

It is high time Ghanaians attach more importance to some of these prophecies and predictions to act more swiftly to avert some of these doom prophecies. It is safer to believe and act than not to believe at all.

God bless us all!

Source: Boadi-Manu Andrews


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