Emelia Brobbey is a Thief; Why Pay a Fine Shoplifting If…

Emelia BrobbeyI am yet to see a thief who will openly admit stealing anything even if the person is busted with the stolen item—-they all seem to have some weird explanation.

After GhanaCelebrities.Com broke the story that Ghanaian actress-Emelia Brobbey has shoplifted in the UK, she has come out with a weird story—seeking to say that she did not shoplift.

I will keep this simple and point out the following to expose Emelia Brobbey and state that, she is not just a THIEF but also a LIAR.

It is rather unfortunate that Emelia Brobbey cannot take responsibility for her actions and apologize to her fans for her misdemeanor.

Shoplifting involves stealing from a shop and people who are found guilty of shoplifting are charged with theft under the Theft Act 1986.

Penalty For Shoplifting

The penalty will depend of the severity of the offence and whether it is your first offence or if you been caught shoplifting before. Being caught for shoplifting can have serious consequences.

A penalty notice is a common penalty for a first time offender. It is a fixed-fee penalty which can vary between £50-80. If you do not pay the fine then you can be taken to court for non-payment.

Other penalties for first time offenders include a caution from the police, which can form part of a criminal record.

You can also be asked by the shop you have shoplifted from to sign a document where you agree that you will not enter the shop for a certain period of time.

If you are repeatedly caught shoplifting you can be tried at the magistrates’ court where you could face a custodial sentence (time in jail).

According to Emelia Brobbey…

Actress Emelia Brobbey has stated herself (listen to audio interview below) that even though she did not shoplift, she accepted liability for shoplifting and was fined by the police. She proceeded to even pay the fine of 80 pounds.

Who will accept liability for something she has not done and proceed to pay a fine of 80 pounds (which is the punishment for shoplifting)?.

Unless you want to tell me that Emelia Brobbey is STUPID, why will she take up a punishment for something she claims she did not do?

Accepting liability for an offence and proceeding to pay for a fine simply means, you’ve committed the offence and you are accepting the punishment.

I have been living in UK for years and no time has anyone imposed a fine on me for something I have not done. And even proceeded to pay for a fine over something I did not do…

If I get a fine for something I did not do, I will never pay it…


What kind of nonsense is this?

Don’t tell me she just accepted that she has shoplifted, and decided to pay the fine for shoplifting because she felt like doing so…

In her case, the item was found on her, she claims she did not steal it but then when the police came, she accepted the liability for shoplifting and then even paid the fine…

Emelia Brobbey is a shoplifter in the UK, and her name will remain as such. She will have to declare this anytime she makes any visa application to the UK and other countries—including USA.

If Emelia claims she did not steal, she should have not accepted the liability for shoplifting, should not have paid the fine and should have just asked the police to verify from the CCTV…

No one is a kid out here and we know what it is…

If she did not intend to steal the bracelet, why did she even pay for it when they asked her if she wanted it? Who pays for something they do not even want—-again?

1. It is established that the bracelet was found on Emelia Brobbey

2. It is established that she paid for the bracelet after they found it on her

3. It is established that when the police came to the house, she accepted liability for shoplifting

4. It is established that she was FINED 80 pounds for shoplifting

5. It is established that she paid the fine of 80 pounds (punishment/penalty for shoplifting).

Conclusion; she is a shoplifter under UK law and this will be recorded against her name….She will go in the books of UK as a shoplifter and she will be on the Police National Computer (PNC) forever as a thief…

Lastly, without PROBABLE CAUSE,  the UK police will never come to your house…

Source: GhanaCelebrities.com

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