Fashion Tips: What Not to Wear for Short Legs

Choose pants and jeans that are narrow and have a straight leg or boot cut style. High heels will complete the outfit and make your legs look even longer if the hem of the pants reaches mid heel.

Pants with vertical lines like cords will make your legs appear longer.
Do not cuff your pants at the bottom. That can “cut you off” from the rest of your body and make your legs look even shorter than they are.
When choosing a bathing suit or panties, grab ones that have a high cut legs- that will make them look longer.
Shorts should be fairly short. The more skin showing, the better.
What about skirts? To add length choose:
• Mini skirts
• Long skirts with high heels
• A line skirts just below your knees paired up with nice heels.
• Mid calf and low waist skirts

Source: GetGreatLegs

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