Film Producers Elections Postponed Again?

IdikokoThe general election of the Film Producers Association of Ghana has been postponed, Flex newspaper has learnt.

This postponement is already simmering tension in the association as some people within the group, who are disappointed because the elections could not be held in March, 2013 as earlier scheduled have given the president Augustine Abbey, aka Idikoko an ultimatum to hold the elections before the end of April.

In a chat with some couple of producers who pleaded anonymity, they hinted Flex newspaper that they will advise themselves if by the end of April the election is not held.

Meanwhile Aketey Kayi, a veteran film producer and one of the founding fathers of FIPAG, has stated categorically to Flex newspaper that plots by anyone against Idikoko is not necessary.

Mr. Akwetey Kayi who happens to be the financial secretary added that “we are all one family and good friends, so if only FIPAG elections will divide us, then I still don’t get it. People are saying a lot of things about the association that are not true so I keep asking if we will even be united after the elections, if things remain like this. The best thing for us to do is to unite rather than go out there to be spreading fake stories,” he stated.

He continued that, the association just got confirmation from electoral commission that the election will be held on 25th April, 2013, so next week when the association meets, they will come out with the final time table for the election proceedings.

Mr Akwetey Kayi also educated the media who always compare MUSIGA to FIPAG to do more research to know the roots of these two associations, their objectives and achievements before drawing uninformed conclusions.

“FIPAG has gone through lot of transformation and those who compare us to other groups just don’t know the achievement of FIPAG and what FIPAG has gone through. No one knows the struggle the musician union went through before it has gotten to where it is now,” he concluded.

Source: Mustapha A Inusah

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