Ghanaian Actors Are More Sexier Than Nigerian Actors – Leo Mensah

Leo MensahShould the battle for sexy actors also be another topic for debate among Ghana and Nigerian movie fans, or should concerned people of the art rather name and shame actors who don’t put much effort in their acting career?

We came across one hot debate that generated lots of comments and insults on Facebook, twitter, etc. One Ghanaian actor who was actively campaigning and debating against Nigerian actors is actor- Leo Mensah, one of Ghana’s promising actors.

Though it wasn’t too clear how the whole debate started, the debate was able to generate lots of comments and insults amongst citizens in other African countries on Facebook,

In the process, Ghanaian actor, Leo Mensah stated that Nigerian actors could be better than Ghanaian actors in acting, but when it comes to whose actors are sexier and looks nicer or sexiest and nicest in Africa, Ghanaian actors stand tall.

Leo Mensah mentioned his name and described himself as sexier than all Nigerian actors, specifically – Jim Ike and Ramsey Nouah and also added that apart from him, no single Nigerian actor can compare his sexiness to any Ghanaian actor like John Dumelo, Van Vicker, etc

This might be a Facebook enmity to entertain their fans and also keep the Ghana-Nigeria debate going, but one question we want to ask is, is it true that Ghanaian actors are sexier than Nigerian actors?

Keep the discussion alive.

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