Ghanaian Celebrities Secret Lies Exposed!

4x4 GhanaIs it an obligation for a celebrity to embark on a project? Many Ghanaian celebrities during interviews reveal their plans for this but due to problems best known to them alone most of the dreams never come to pass.

Since the beginning of the year 2013, there has been promises by Ghanaian celebrities which by our estimation most have not been fulfilled.

Sarkodie after making lots of noise about his ‘Sark Collection’ latter part of 2012 finally launched it some days ago. Some musicians, who promised to release songs, embark on tours, projects and many others have met their deadline given but the promise has not yet been met. Could this be as a result of overriding pressure from colleagues who are making it big in the industry which has made others to make those promises?

4×4 before the release of their new single ‘Anadwo ye De’ postponed the date for the release of the track together with its for so many times until they finally settled on an unannounced day and released it.

D.Cryme sometime ago also disclosed his collaboration with Fuse ODG on a new single which was to be released on February 1 but the track as we have been made to believe is still in the pipeline.

As the celebrity bragging has become a norm in the country, last year, Ghanaian only female representative to Big Brother Africa Stargame edition Mildred Ashong a.k.a. Eazzy some months ago on TV revealed her plans of embarking on high school tour to boost the morale of the younger ones but since then, little have been heard about this tour. Eazzy’s colleague who joined her to BBA Stargame to represent Ghana Derrick Kobina Bonney a.k.a. DKB after his slapping saga in the house planned of embarking on anti-gender violence but after visiting his alma mater St. John’s Grammar High school with the tour, he run out of fuel so the train failed to continue.

Sarkodie not long ago also revealed his plans for some few months which included high school tour. We hope and pray he doesn’t continue the promise and fail since the time for the tour is not due.

There are many plans which have been made known by our dear celebrities but their dates apportioned are past which makes them being liars.

One mendacity we cannot leave out is about Ghanaian celebrities giving their fans fake website address. Most website addresses found on celebrities profile on social media networks are not valid and doesn’t open when one tries to open. There are uncountable numbers of them we have gathered and will be releasing them in no time. asks our celebrities to give promises they can fulfill but not to say anything to please us or to save their faces when pushed to the corner.



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