Ghanaian Comedians Disgrace Charterhouse!

Charterhouse has been disgraced but finally vindicated after several years of being criticized for not giving Ghanaian comedians the platform to showcase their talent.

I and many other stakeholders in Ghana’s showbiz industry have lambasted Charterhouse for sidelining Ghanaian comedians for Nigerian comedians with their flagship reality comedy series dubbed 1000s and Music laugh series. Even on their 1000s and Music laugh series platforms, Charterhouse rarely contract Ghanaian comedians to performance because they tried it, and all in our showbiz circles bore witness the Ghanaian comedians failed execrably! Despite the failure of the Ghanaian comedians to impress the audience, critics have always been on the throat of Charterhouse to give the former an exclusive platform. Charterhouse has therefore started a search for Ghanaian comedians for a reality show called Laugh Out Loud Ghana.

I say this based on my constant monitoring and evaluation of the audition excerpts they show on their television medium – GH One. I cringe and sometimes feel like retching each time I watch the audition excerpts. English comedy is simply not a Ghanaian ‘thing.’ My reasons – first, majority of the supposed comedians who audition have no comedy incision. What they appear before the judges and portray as comedy has no definition in creative art. It’s not comedy, acting, foolishness, stupidness, silliness; neither is it poetry or spoken words. They only waste the judges ears, time, confuse them, and bore them needlessly.

Secondly, the supposed comedians don’t have confidence. They always appear on stage already flummoxed. We all know public performances calls for courage and boldness. If a comedian becomes nervous and confused telling comedy to two judges with a few crew in a studio, how justified and qualified are is such a comedian to stand on a big stage like National Theatre with over one thousand audience waiting to Laugh Out Loud? Thirdly, their demeanor on stage tells they don’t know what they are about. They don’t have the intelligence, wit, language and attitude for comedy.

Some of them appear on stage and confess their mentors are Nigerian comedians. Comedy does not run in their blood streams at all! Fifthly, the English spoken by the supposed comedians stinks like the KorleGonno human excreta cesspool. The kind of grammatical treason they commit on live television is a big disgrace to themselves and Ghana as an official English speaking country. So far, none of the contestants that the judges have auditioned qualifies for any local comedy reality show in Malata Market, not to talk of Laugh Out Loud or any international comedy stage. They are all bunch of Talentless Homo Sapiens! Henceforth, no one should criticize Charterhouse for investing in Nigerian comedians because they have been vindicated; “Nigerian comedians are far better than Ghanaian comedians.”

Indeed, if I were the CEO of Charterhouse, I would have asked the producers of LOL GH to scrap it off with immediate effect! In my candid dictum, the program is rather going to soil the professional reputation GH One television is marshaling.

After this maiden edition of LOL GH, Charterhouse should not waste their time, energy, brains, money, and any form of resources to organize another LOL GH. English comedy is simply not a Ghanaian ‘thing.’ I am a patriotic Ghanaian but I will never support anything ‘waste’ produced by or from Ghana. On this note, I give Salam to our Nigerian brothers as far as comedy is concerned. Ghanaian comedians have a long way to go. Until then……MOTWUM!!

Credit: Osarfo Anthony

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