Ghanaian Dancers Must Have A Visible Industry to be Successful

DanceAs a Celebrity Blogger and Publicist mainly on showbiz issues in Ghana and around the world, I have come across countless number of dancers especially in Ghana who lament over the somewhat wretched life they are living in the society.

However, I am told Ghana Dance Ensemble represents Ghana’s Dance Industry but I stand to be corrected, most of my colleagues will attest to the fact that they are only seen performing at national functions and other events, if my thought serves me right.

They (dancers) usually compare what their colleagues outside the African continent are earning everyday for performances and other endorsement packages. The likes of BLOK Pro Dance Troupe from Scotland and London-based CEO Dancers who have made it and still making it in life as professional dancers always ring the bell.

The ONLY advice I can give is that dancers in Ghana must have a definite or visible industry; an industry where there will be the right structures in place by taking a clue from what the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) has done by bringing most of the musicians in the country under one umbrella. I need not talk much about the structures you have to put in place. Why? Because it is your field and you know best.

MUSIGA through their charge for support from the government of Ghana has yielded a very positive result which has got to the extent that they and other showbiz industries in Ghan are now included in the yearly budget by the government in every fiscal year.

Their calls I would say paved way for the addition of Creative Arts – which embodies art and entertainment to the somewhat newly created Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts.

Even before dancers in Ghana set up this industry, I must also admit that exhibiting some sense of discipline or professionalism in terms of fashion, timing and branding are key to the success of every personality which dancers are of no exception.

So what will make dancers in Ghana successful? I have TWO WAYS for you.

1. Create a well structures industry like MUSIGA

2. Show professionalism and discipline in the dance field.


By: Yaw Sarpon | GlitzGhana

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