“Gospel Musicians Treat Dancers Bad” Matilda

dancerLeader of one of the choreography groups in Ghana who are widely known as Magyengo Dancers, Mrs. Matilda Agyeman says gospel musicians underrate and disrespect their dancers.

Matilda told Flex newspaper in a phone interview that, it is high time musicians especially Gospel musicians showed respect to their dancers. According to her, secular artistes do not joke with their dancers at all but same cannot be said of the gospel arena.
“We have been in the system helping gospel musicians. When they start from scratch we don`t charge them a penny yet when they are accepted by the society, they ignore us and go on stages alone to avoid spending money on us, forgetting that we were those who helped them by beautifying their performances on some platforms before people began inviting them for gigs,” Matilda deeply expressed.
“Can you imagine that, when they want to be recognized in the society, they invite us to perform with them even in the churches and go ahead to treat us like queens yet when they climb the ladder, they refuse us and mount big platforms alone to disgrace themselves? Just use the just ended Vodafone Ghana Music Awards as an example, even the old artistes came on stage with their dancers. How could Amandzeba perform so well like that without his dancers? And yet, we saw a gospel musician who came on stage with nobody behind her and ended up emptying the stage when she moved from the stage. A gospel producer once told me, he wouldn’t spend money on his artistes to make her a hit maker and allow us to get fame out of her, forgetting that when his artiste was nobody, we were those he called to support his her on TV3’s ‘’Music Music’ and TV Africa’s ‘Sound Splash’ before people recognized her.

Because they are not being paid on these platforms, they call us to perform with them but when they get a big stage to mount, they forget us. Tell them for me, they can never do without dancers; else they will always fail on stage,” Matilda Agyemang added.


Source: Stephen Kenneth Nakujah

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