Has Kojo Antwi Rejected Legends And Legacy Deal?

Kwadwo AntwiThis is the gossip running around town but how to get some one to confirm or deny that is a problem since everybody is tight lipped, especially the guys at Imajin Advertising.

Now, rumuors we are gathering in town has it that the Maestro Kojo Antwi has pulled out from the Legends and Legacy concert which is expected to come off later this year. Though it is not clear what is really happening with their agreement issues, some people are already hinting that it might be because of some internal squabbles among some members of the planning committee.

If you are among the thousands of people who read our prophesy last week, what we were saying in short was that our prediction, all things being equal this year, will see Kojo Antwi being celebrated in the legends and legacy ball. As if this is to make our prophesy unpopular, we are hearing that all things are not the same right now with the two parties. This information has also been confirmed by Mark Okraku Mantey on his Anansekrom show.

Don`t ask why because we don’t have much information about why things are turning up that way. The only thing we have heard is that Appah Junior, who was in charge of operations at Imajin Advertising is no more working with the agency. It goes on to say that he is pursuing a law course in one of the law institutions in the country. It looks like the deal is falling apart because Appah Junior whom we are hearing started the deal is no more with the firm and because of that things are not working as they have to be.

Is this realistic in the first place? After all Appah Junior, even if he was negotiating on behalf of Imajin was not doing that as an individual but for a well established organization. Therefore if he falls out of the deal, everything must go on as planned. Well, this is what we think but if there are more to it than we are imagining, then so be it.

Some people were also with the view that Kojo might be adamant because he is being celebrated third after Daddy Lumba and Amakye Dede. To such people they think Kojo might feel not respected and regarded enough looking at his pedigree and what he stands for as an international musician. Can this also be a conflicting factor?

Well, it is our hope that the guys at Imajin will do all they can to get Kojo Antwi to sign to the document else that will affect our prophesy and our stands in the entertainment industry. In case that does not work out, then more questions will be raised as to who is likely to replace Mr Music Man in a situation where he refuses the deal entirely.

Source: Samuel A. Baah

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