Hope City Project Moved To Prampram

Hope City Project GhanaThe construction site for Africa’s biggest technology park by rlg, HOPE CITY, has now been shifted to Prampram from the initially planned Donkonaa, an area between Weija and Kasoa.

The change is to satisfy investor interests and to ease the difficulty in the acquisition of more lands for the $10 billion project.

The new site for the project covers a land space of 900 acres and will be close to the proposed international airport and seaport.

The new site at Prampram has an excellent topography and extra land area which will ease mobility concerns to and from Hope City when completed.

The company however insists that the site at Donkunaa will still be developed under a different concept being worked on.

The 10 billion dollar facility is modeled on other technological centers in the world like the Silicon Valley in the USA.

The facility would house a TECH university, shopping centres, offices, residential areas, game centres and a five star hotel.

It will host some of the biggest technology firms in the world like MICROSOFT and GOOGLE.

According to the Chief Executive of RLG communications, Roland Agambire, “This is driven by the investor interest and the expansion project in terms of the future of Hope City.

“Clearly the land space that we sighted in the earlier space was 105 acres but in the quest for other investors to be part of this project their demand was supposed to be a minimum of 500 acres”.

He said they are lucky to have had a 900 acres in Prampram. He added the location is all the more strategic due to its proximity to the airport and seaport that will be built in the area.

President John Mahama, in March this year cut sod for the construction of the facility which is expected to be completed in 2016.

It will have six towers of different dimensions – one tower 270m height 75 storeys, the highest in Africa, two towers of 216m 60 storeys, and three towers of 152m height 42 storeys.

Source: B&FT

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