How Effective Is Television Promotion These Days?

Akoo NanaIn the knowledge of marketers, every product needs to be promoted before it can make an impact in the minds of the people. The entertainment industry is one area which sees promotion as a daily tool and nothing can be done well without effective promotion.

To ever think that a product is a good one therefore does not need any promotion will sound unhealthy and unwise for the people who have invested in that product. In these modern times, many have been exposed to various means and platforms for promotion to the extent that even sometimes knowing which platform to promote your product on is becoming a difficult choice.

Before the introduction of social media platforms in Ghana, what people in the entertainment industry knew were platforms for promotional purposes had been radio, television, newspapers whiles the internet was known only by the elites in the society. These days, social media alone can do wonders in terms of promotion and it will surprise one to know that the strength of social media is gradually surpassing promoting a product on just one of the known media platforms.

Flex newspaper is being motivated to write this piece based on what happened to our musician Akoo Nana, who now prefers to be called Nahna at the just ended Vodafone Ghana Music Awards for industry people. When his song was mentioned as the winner for the World Bank sponsored Music for Development, many in the audience were surprised to the bone because they felt the song was not popular and had little impact to have won an award.

Now the main question you would want to ask at this juncture is why was the song not popular? For your information, the song was promoted with its video on various television stations for some good weeks before the event, yet people in the industry who were present at the hall were disappointed the award went to Nahna. The conclusion we at Flex newspaper have drawn is that, lately it seems television alone does not have the strength to promote songs like it used to be because people are busy these days.

Nahna`s song featuring Castro De Destroyer is an educative song telling the good people of Ghana the need to protect our cedi notes (legal tender) from damage. The video depicts various scenes where Nahna was teaching people the right way to keep the cedi notes healthy and correctly. Despite the deep message in the song and its video, the fact that it was not popular alone nearly prevented Nahna from taking home that award. The television promotion alone did not help him at all in that regard.

This is just a warning signal to all promoters in our industry, time to be proactive in dealing with all relevant platforms for promotion is now. There is no need to underrate any platform because each comes with unique efforts and opportunities. The secret is that people are on the move these days, so to be sitting and staring on television screens is slowly dwindling out of the system except with children and may be housewives. Busy people do not have time to watch television and even when they decide to do, they do so by following some special programmes and not channels.

From the bad experiences from Nahna, have we learnt anything from this loop hole in television promotion? I should not forget this, plus the rate for promotion on television is too expensive not to yield maximum results. Time to act is now!!!

Story by: Samuel A. Baah


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