I Will Turn Pastor – Omar Sheriff Captan

Omar Sherif-CaptanCalm-looking popular Ghanaian actor Omar Sheriff Captan will likely take French leave from full-time screen acting in order to do God’s work.

The actor, whose new movie Cheaters is scheduled to premiere on May 24 at the Silverbird Cinema in Accra, revealed on ETV’s Late Night Celebrity Show that he will be ordained as a pastor very soon.

According to him, before he went on Tinsel, he had a calling to serve God. Now that he is no longer on Tinsel, he is about to make his pastoral calling to win souls for Christ come to pass.

Omar also hinted that he would be walking down the aisle soon, hopefully in December.

Though he has been a calm character over the years, Omar has not openly displayed his Christian faith until now. His latest revelation has thus come as a surprise to many who did not know he is religious.

Omar is one of Ghana’s best actors, known for his roles in movies such as “Outrage’, ‘Dark Sands’, ‘My Sweetie’, hit soaps ‘Tentacles’ and ‘Broadway’, and ‘Tinsel’ among others.

He is an actor synonymous with captivation and dynamism. Once upon a time, he was the sexiest man to grace TV screens in Ghana and a lot of young men and women adore his good looks and smooth flow.

Omar just describes himself as a simple everyday person who goes about his daily chores diligently.

He used to be a consistent face on ‘Tinsel’ but he has not been that constant in mainstream Ghanaian movies like his younger pals in the industry.

Now that he is signing off to do God’s work, it is likely that not much will be seen of him in the industry. Currently he is keeping many wondering whether the new movie, ‘Cheaters’ will be his last movie.

‘Cheaters’ will premiere with a red carpet ceremony at the Silverbird Cinema in Accra on May 24. Omar and other cast members are expected to make an appearance.

‘Cheaters’ follows the stories of several young couples caught up in the web of love, lies and extramarital affairs.

It throws more light on the assumption that Marriage is the only war in which one sleeps with the enemy. If the couple is inseparable, it usually takes five people to separate it and ‘Cheaters’ reflects just that. In this film, Love is portrayed as a mysterious adventure that takes one through many twists and turns. One adds a bit of infidelity to the mix and he or she has the perfect recipe for disaster.

Movie enthusiasts are encouraged to wait until may 24 to watch how these love-torn couples struggle to make it through another overrated love-fest called Valentine’s Day.

Source: Francis Addo

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