It’s OK As Okyeame Kwame Blogs

Okyeame KwameThe rap doctor, Okyeame Kwame take his thoughts about the past generation and current generation into a written document or blog.

This is one of the series of blogs the “Woara” crooner will be publishing on his blog hosted by Ghanaweb ( where he will write on music, lifestyle, news and events.

Below is the unedited publication of his first blog on Ghanaweb:


As a child, I was told that if I was going to do something or be somebody, I had to observe rules and follow them without questioning.

As a man I have come to realize that without questioning, it will be difficult for me to achieve my goal of being somebody or doing anything.

The generations before us, did not help us much. My father, the late Kwesi Nsiah Bota, was a highly learned and hardworking individual.  A man  who wrote and published books to see himself through university  in Ghana and pursued higher education in Italy on a scholarship funded by tax payers’ money.  Even a man as self made and learned as he was, believed in conforming to whatever rules society threw at you without question. And so I was born steeped in that notion and grew up perpetuating that lie.

As a result, just like many in my generation, I am a conformed yet confused Ghanaian, following a certain way of life whiles questioning the very foundations upon which that life was built.

Just like you, I am one looking for an opportunity to vent and that’s the reason for this blog.

They say a man’s environment is a perfect extension of his thinking, and my environment, as complex yet gratifying as it is, gives rise to many thoughts; these I will share with you on this blog.

Reading this blog, you will come to find that, just like you, am a multi-faceted man with my own ideologies, alter-egos, flaws and emotions.

By touching on the everyday  issues  that come with the hustle and bustle of life, I will share with you my thoughts, my love, my consciousness, my dreams, my past, my future, my vision, my fears and my strengths.

People will wonder,” why not express these sentiments through my music?” I have done that; but even multi-award winning lyrics and compositions are still restrained by rhymes and rhythms, metaphors, wit, similes and euphemisms as well as all the social, moral, ethical and political considerations that truly limit the free expression of art.

On this blog however, I can express myself, state, punctuate, analyze and truly criticize whiles directly getting your opinions on the various issues I will be touching on.

Even as I seek to put my thoughts out and as you prepare to take them in, remember one thing, I am a man guided by the simple principle of common sense and the belief of doing the right thing.

For those who might be wondering, this is not a music blog, this is a platform to share with you my views on a myriad of every day issues. Music is however my passion and business and so it would always weave its way into my thoughts and onto this blog. So if you want the music, keep reading on.

However, even here, they restrain me; they say I am not allowed to write about politics and religion. See, even as man, they still try to constrain me just like my daddy did; my question is “Why”?

Nonetheless, amidst all the chaos of my thoughts and the volatility of our every day existence, history and evolution has taught me one thing; after all is said and done;

It’s OK.

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