Iwan Fires Samini…Declares Him “the Biggest Faker”

Iwan and SaminiA couple of days ago when Samini drop his single “Pink sheet’’ produce by Magnum, he fired shots at a couple of big names in the music industry with Sarkodie’s name being mentioned.

Calling Sarkodie to clear a statement he made a couple years ago on his Borga Borga sound track about asking Sonnie Bali what Yoggy Doggy did to Samini; a song which was produce by Jayso on his first Album.

A couple of hours ago, Iwan, one of the biggest names in the Reggae dancehall genre in the country, has fired a shot Samini calling him THE Biggest FAKER in The Ghana Reggae/Dancehall.

Iwan on his Facebook page updated his status with these words: “Heard a track from Samini that says all Fakers shall fade away… lol. The Biggest FAKER in The Ghana Reggae/Dancehall Industry is Samini … Every Real Dancehall Fan in GH Knows That.. The Biggest FAKER shall fade Away before all little fakers Follow… As for REAL Artiste, We Leave it for the FANs to Recognise… If Samini Wants, he should Confront Me, and I will Give Him Only three(3) out of a thousand(1000) Reasons, Why i Declare Him The Biggest FAKER”

The question now is, will Samini step to Iwan and be the man he claimed to be in his “Pink Sheet” track?

Source: Nana Kwesi-GHLive.Com

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