King Ayisoba to File a Lawsuit Against Asabea Cropper

King AyisobaBarring any last minute intervention, the music industry would witness one of the most interesting legal battles that would test the copy right laws of the land. However, this would have nothing to do with music.

Renowned traditional musician and King of Kologo music, King Ayisoba, has hinted of his intention to head to court to stop his counterpart Asabea Cropper from going ahead with a proposed Kente Festival she launched recently.

According to Ayisoba who returned from a European tourthat took him to Belgium, Germany, France, among others, he was the first to moot the idea of celebrating Kente and Batakari through his Kente/Batakari Day concept that he started two years ago.

Sounding very angry, the Koraa Awards nominee wondered why Asabea couldn’t consult him for possible collaboration to project the indigenous Ghanaian fabrics that have the potential of improving upon the livelihood of numerous persons in the country.

“I started this thing (Kente/Batakari Day) and called on Ghanaians to come together to project the fabrics then someone steals the idea and changes it to confuse everyone and take advantage of what I have done,” he stated in an interview.

The Kente/Batakari Day concept was mooted by King Ayisoba, together with First Page Multimedia and the event was celebrated with some performances at the National Theatre last year. It is being organized in collaboration with other US based institutions with versions in other countries.

King Ayisoba proposed the adoption of May 12 as the nationally recognized Kente/Batakari day and it is currently before Parliament awaiting approval.

On the other hand, Asabea Cropper, another very popular songstress, launched the Kente Festival that would be celebrated in Ghana.

It is not known if Ayisoba would actualize this threat that would see two musical giants squaring off at the law courts over concepts. Stay tuned.

Source: Theodore M.K. Viwotor

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