KNOW THIS: Celebrities With Worst Make-Ups

Itz TiffanyHow far will you go to look elegant, exotic, charming and presentable in terms of make up? Will you defy all fashion odds to impress? How about making that decisive decision to look glamorous? Will you board the emirates airline to Dubai, Lufthansa airline to Germany, Turkish airline to Turkey or the 207 Benz bus to Kantamanto for that Brazilian wig, American made mascara, 3inch high heel from Italy or the locally imported lipstick?

Over the years our television screens have been graced with newscasters, talk show hostesses, MC’s and female celebrities ranging from the political, social, religious and the sporting arena. One common “disease” which has infested and eaten into the bone marrow amongst the few career related personalities mentioned earlier, in their quest to look extraordinarily pretty, either in real life or on our television screens, is the wearing of makeup.

Make up can be classified into three categories: everyday, medical and theatrical. These categories include items that improve the appearance of or highlight the face, eyes, lips or nails. Some are designed to be used with other make-ups. Several make up categories exist. The most common group includes everyday products worn to enhance the natural appearance. Some items also fall into the medical category and are used for things like covering scars or reducing the visibility of rashes. The last group is theatrical, television and film makeup, which actors and actresses use so their features look better in bright or harsh stage lights. Within each of the three general classifications, individuals may use products designed for facial skin, the eyes, lips or nails including lipstick, foundation, blush, mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner, nail polish and complimentary products but do our female celebrities know these? Having noticed the make-up nemesis amongst Ghanaian female celebs, your authoritative Flex newspaper presents to you the top five celebrity professions with the worst make-up addiction and misapplication:

With their huge impact on our everyday lives, it is not surprising that actresses top the list. It has become virtually impossible to watch any movie without noticing this behavior amongst actresses from various production houses be it either Venus films or Bandex. While make-ups form part of movie production, it becomes a nuisance when taken overboard. From virtually shaving of the eyebrows and replacing them with penciled-lined ones to trimming of the eyelashes to replacing them with artificial ones, actresses appear looking pale as the moonlight either when playing movie roles or when seen on the streets. Prominent names such as Nana-Ama McBrown, the plump looking Roselyn Ngissah, Vicky Zugah, Beverly Afaglo Baah, Yvonne Nelson, Yvonne Okoro, all make up the list with worst culprits being Christabel Ekeh and Khareema Aguiar and the likes of Ebby bright with her cohorts following suite.

Second on the list are newscasters. Blush also known as rouge, adds colour to the cheekbones to create a rosy-youthful look. It is usually made of talcum-based powder with pigment added and applied with soft brush. Some blushes are like a cream or pressed foundation and go on with a soft sponge applicator but do our female newscasters apply them in their right proportion and accuracy? I don’t think so.

During primetime, the evidence glares to our faces at 7:00am, 12:00 mid-day or either 7:00 pm or 7:30 pm when news casters present news bulletins for the day. In an industry whose topmost priorities are seeking answers to who did what, where, when and why, it becomes mind boggling why same questions aren’t posed to themselves to fight their make-up nemesis. In certain instances, newscasters are caught unaware on camera during commercial breaks applying make-ups. Competitive as it may seem to be, all television networks in the country seem to be culpable. From GTV, TV Africa, Metro TV, Viasat 1, eTV, Net 2 TV etc, none is exempted. The next time its primetime news broadcast, take a critical look at the facial appearance of Nana Aba Anamoah, Portia Solomon and Bridgette Otto of TV3, Gifty Anobil and Josephine Oppong Yeboah of Metro TV, Frema Ashkar of eTV and their cohorts of other television networks and it will be interesting to note that they all follow the same trend.

Number three on the make-up league log are female television presenters or television hostesses. Underestimating their impacts on society and the vast populace they mentor will be deemed suicidal as most of these self acclaimed “stars” have massive followers. . Lipstick is a mixture of waxes, pigments and oils. It has a cylindrical shape with a pointed tip with the entire cylinder housed in a hard case known as a tube which is applicable on the lips to add texture and colour.

Did anyone watch Deloris Frimpong –Manso’s talk show interview with Yvonne Okoro on her Delay show on Good Friday? Her makeup gave a vivid description of the word “clown”. Wearing a pink lipstick on a wide protruding lip made her look awkward on screen and I find it absurd why she wasn’t prompted. Could it be due to her “bossy or shatta” nature? Without placing much emphasis on her alone, others such as the “hip goddess” Jocelyn Dumas, the women’s advocate, Gifty Anti, Deborah Vanessa, Ama K Abebrese, Jeremy, Carolyn, etc all fall victim to makeup misapplications.

Female Ghanaian musicians occupy the number four spot according to the compilation with the gospel musicians comfortably taking the front row. With the Ghana music awards fast approaching, readers are urged to take a critical look at the facial appearance of the likes of Eazzy, Kaakie, ITZ Tiffany, Lousika, Herty Borngreat, Gifty Osei just to mention a few. It will either be the misapplication of weird looking colours or the under or over application of eye shadows, eyeliners and complimentary make ups. In as much as these sect of entertainers would want to impress, a few minutes spent behind the mirror with proper scrutiny will bring out the best in them rather than expose the worst hidden in them.

They are rarely seen on television but a visit to Ghana’s law making house made some shocking revelations. Female Ghanaian politicians occupy the fifth position. Until most of them go natural like Ursula Owusu who hardly applies make-ups not because she can’t afford it but based on her preference to stick to her “natural beauty”, then more harm are being done to our female law enforcers by their make-up artistes than good. The truth be told; no matter how beautiful a hippopotamus is, it would never win a beauty contest in the ocean. This is to let our female politicians know that beauty can never be bought with any amount of wealth. Betty Mould iddrisu, Zita Okaikoi, Hannah Bissiw, Frances Essiam and the likes all have a class of make-up artistry but the truth be told not all make-ups make them look pretty. Misapplication of a concealer unto a foundation would rather expose the blemishes and imperfections on the face rather than hide it.

The next time you switch on your television set and observe any weird or “clown” looking celebrity, make no mistake in thinking the contrast, sharpness or colour settings of your television set have been tempered with by either your lovely daughter or your troublesome five year old step son for the images displaying on your screen are the real depictions. To be continued on another day.

Source: Sakyi Saint

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