My Girlfriend is Not in The UK – Dumelo Replies Yvonne Nelson

John DumeloCelebrated Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson, has enjoyed lots of publicity this month with the Iyanya-love-web- saga.

Though some industrial players have attributed their tale to publicity stunt to help promote Iyanya, another section of the media and showbiz fanatics also believe that this might be the most painful relationship Yvonne Nelson might have found herself in.

The latest about Yvonne Nelson and Iyanya this time round was not revealed on twitter or any social media but on Ndani TV in Nigeria.

During the interview when she was trying to defend a point she made that she hadn’t had any romantic relationship with anyone for the past seven months after breaking up with Nigerian musician Iyanya but she remembers she had kissed John Dumelo in a movie recently.

“It’s been seven months. I’m like a secondary virgin right now, yeah! I haven’t seen anyone, done nothing! I haven’t even kissed. Oh yeah, I kissed John Dumelo in a movie. That’s like my last kiss,” Yvonne supposed.

Toolz, the host further inquired what was going on between Yvonne and John, since they seem comfortable together and everybody thinks they are having a secret relationship. Yvonne denied it, saying “John is like my brother. He’s a Fante guy…”

She added that John had a girl friend in UK: “John has a girlfriend. John has a girlfriend….in London I guess. He’s going to kill me!”

In a separate chat with John Dumelo who is currently in Canada and will be moving to UK this week as part of his J.melo tour, he told Flex newspaper Reporter Mustapha Ayinde Inusah AKA Attractive that Yvonne Nelson was just playing with the public minds.

“I have watched the Yvonne Nelson’s video interview and I think Yvonne Nelson was not serious with her statement. I know when Yvonne Nelson is serious and when she’s joking. She was acting in the interview so there is no need of taking her statement serious. My girlfriend is not in UK,” he said.

John Dumelo added that at the right time when he feels like making the public know who his girl-friend is, he will reveal it. “It is not a must to tell people who I am dating or if am dating or not but my girlfriend is not in UK,” he added.

Source: Ghanastate

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