NEW TWIST: Emelia Brobbey’s Shoplifting Scandal a Movie Scene?

Emelia BrobbeyReports reaching reveals earlier media publications which stated that Ghanaian actress, Emelia Brobbey has shoplifted a bracelet in London could be a movie scene.

Over the weekend, there was a revelation in some media platforms in the country citing that after the unfortunate incident, Emelia gave her friend, Gloria Agyeman’s address to the police as her place of residence. The report also added that the police visited the house which led to investigations into Gloria’s immigration status.

However a reliable source tells GlitzGhana that “it is a scene which is being shot in London for an upcoming movie.”

Should this new twist hold, the earlier report in the media will remain false.

Emelia is set to return to the country today [Monday, July 22]. Both Emelia and Gloria are noted for their respective roles in movie “Prophet Noah.” will follow this developing situation as it assumes a new turn.


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