NPP Dismisses Faction Reports

Ghana’s main opposition political party, New Patriotic Party has debunked reports that the party has been divided into the Akuffo-Addo and the Alan-Kyeremanten factions.

This was made known in a statement copied to me [Yaw Sarpon | YS360] following a report by the Daily Graphic in the Thursday, Januray 23 edition.

Below is the full statement by the NPP

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) wishes to assure its supporters and all Ghanaians that the party remains focused and united behind its necessary ongoing reorganization process, as it prepares towards the 2016 general elections and that no volumes of poisonous propaganda can hide the truth that ours is a party in good shape, preparing to be in a better shape.

contrary to the false impression that the pro-government media houses are actively seeking to create that the party is ‘split’, ‘imploding’ and in ‘disarray’, we remain bonded together by our common cause of working together to win power to rescue the people of Ghana from this era of despair, hardships and endemic corruption.

We are dismayed but not entirely surprised that a State-owned media like the Daily Graphic, with all the resources and capacity at its disposal will join the NDC bandwagon of false propaganda against the NPP. This journalism of ‘by-force equalization’ to balance the incompetence of the NDC government with negative stories about an opposition party is unproductively petty and must stop.

In its edition of Thursday 23rdJanuary, 2014, the Daily Graphic carried a front page story, with a deceptive and mischievous headline: ‘NPP REGIONAL POLLS SPLIT RANKS BETWEEN AKUFO-ADDO, ALAN CAMPS’. Without providing a shred of evidence, the Daily Graphic alleged that this Saturday’s Regional party leadership contests to be held across the country were split between two NPP camps. The headline was left to hang on thin air. Nothing in the story supported the bold assertion. This is disgraceful journalism of the lowest order.

Again, the story alleged that at a National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting of the NPP, it was proposed that Nana Akufo-Addo, the party’s 2012 flag bearer, be nominated unopposed to contest the 2016 presidential election, and, that this proposal was shot down at NEC.

Again, the story is an embarrassing fabrication from a paper purported to be credible. No such suggestion has ever been laid before the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the NPP, or discussed in any official party forum for consideration.

We wish to assure our detractors and, more importantly, our supporters, that the party leadership is very happy with the various levels of competitions for party positions that have taken place and are yet to take place. The enthusiasm that people have shown in contesting for party positions is, to us, a very positive signal of a party in good health and with the energy and personnel to contest, win and protect the integrity of national elections. No party in Ghana has been able to achieve what we have so far done: holding elections in some 26,000 polling stations and constituencies across the country. This is a remarkable achievement by any political benchmark.

Let our detractors know that encouraging free internal competition does not mean we are disunited. It does not mean the party is in disarray. It means we know what democracy is about. As we prepare to finish with ours, we hope that the other parties, especially the ruling party, will take a positive cue from us and conduct theirs in a similar, mature and cordial manner.

We therefore wish to state emphatically and without any doubt that the party is united, strong and focused.

NPP is still moving forward.

……signed…… Curtis Perry Okudzeto Acting Director of Communications


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