Open Letter To BET Awards…Can Africa Receive This Year’s Award On Your Main Stage Too?

R2BeesAfrica is once again excited about the fact that you have decided to maintain our only slot in your numerous award categories—Best International Act (Africa).

Though we wish we had more than one category as we have far number of black people on our continent than America or Europe, we still think half a loaf is better than none.

I am not sure if the meaning of BET-Black Entertainment Television has changed yet. If it has not, won’t it be prudent to make sure you embrace the continent with the highest number of black people?

Oh no! I just remembered…You are business and you are more interested in profit than anything else…

Since African-Americans ‘pose’ to have greater purchasing power than those of us down here in Africa, I guess you will continue to fill them up in all the categories—and just sprinkle us over things so to create that sort of disproportionate sense of balance…Right?

Anyway, what will happen if you give the only category you have assigned to us a stage presentation during this year’s award ceremony?

Look, we may not have electricity all the time to watch television down here in Africa but last year, most of us rushed to the homes of the few people who could afford generators in order to be able to watch our Africa brothers walk up your stage to collect their plaques. But you failed to even mention their names on stage, let alone walk up there.

Even though we couldn’t understand the ‘fast English’ your people kept speaking, we endured the pain, hoping the sight of our brothers who travelled all the way to your far-away country would be worth the hustle.

Can you imagine how disappointed some of us were when we could not see our brothers on TV after walking nearly 2 miles just to have access to a television?

Come on, you couldn’t give the whole ‘continent of Africa’ just 2 minutes of your air time?

As I intentionally mentioned above, Africa is a continent and we will appreciate if you treat Africa as such. The last time I ‘confused’ a Ghanaian for Nigerian, I nearly got a slap…

We are not enemies but we are all unique in our own ways. Why do you continue to give two of our brothers the same award? Even if you wanted to do this with us, why didn’t you use Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj for the pilot project?

Despite the fact that 10 of our beautiful women can peacefully share one ‘ugly’ man, we like elitism and we would be grateful if you appreciate our talents independently.

We love to brag and you are not making this happen. How can Ghanaians ‘show off’ and make Nigerians ‘feel small’ when you gave Sarkodie and Wizkid the same award?

Did you think they were twins? One likes Eba and the other loves Kenkey…

If you do not give our talents the respect and recognition they deserve on your main stage this year, count us out of your subsequent events.

We will just speak to our ‘Chinese brothers’ who are exploiting us down here to help us start our own version of BET Awards, and we will call it rBET Awards…The ‘r’ means REAL!

And you know how good these guys are!

I hope I will not have to write to you again next year…All the best and remember Africa is one big continent, not a country.

Thank You.

Source: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri

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