POEM: Patriotism [by Fasty Hakam]

I have the heart of a citizen

An emblem of my country i’ve always been

Hence happiness is what i’ll always get

Because for patriotism i’m always set


Surely! I hold my motherland so dear

Behold! I shall go all out for her

When the pain of heat the sun perpetuates

My nation,affectionately offers me a shade.


Sacrifice is at the hearts of you and I

As the clock ticks and the days go by

Born and bred here in Ghana

I’ve always regarded this a singular honor


Patriotism has given me the will to die

on my own sand

It is the value that has crafted me as

a picture of a loyal fad

It is a quality that has uprooted terrorism

Here J am,full of a blazing patriotism.


I recall our gallant soldiers of years gone by

And how for this country they wished to die

With guns strapped to their belts and grenades

in hand

They represented their country by taking a stand.


O citizen,service for our motherland,sacrificing thus

Because the welfare of Ghana shall live with us

Look there! the citizens band play the national

anthem at the front of the parade

In every discipline,they have done our nation proud

The national flags are waving and the citizens

cheer them loud.


As I sit on my couch and lay my hand over my heart

I intend a patriotic prayer with all my heart

Heavenly God! Help me always to understand

That patriotism goes further than the love of my homeland.


Credit: Fasty Hakam

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