POEM: Piercing Silence

Your piercing silence has now become a torment
Your striking silence looms like a torrent
Into consideration take my displeasure and grant
me clemency
For questioning your love and being a subject to

You are the linchpin in the survival of this relation
You are the one behind the come-back of our elation
I know you have taken umbrage at my action
And that makes me ululate because there appears
no solution

But even in this qualm the purity of our relation shall
lead the way
This quandary shall come to a quietus to our dismay
For the tradition of our love is never flinching
And the pillars of our faith is never flagging

Let this silence erupt an ecstasy
Let this faith satisfy our fancy
Let this love take precedence over our egos.


Credit: Fasty Hakam

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